Act 48 Credits at Temple University

Educators can find high quality continuing education at Temple University to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the classroom and to comply with Pennsylvania’s Act 48 requirements for certified educators. Credit courses and non-credit programs, conferences and workshops are available at various times throughout the year.

Act 48 offerings at Temple University focus on the following: the content of instruction; the needs of different kinds of students and how to create contexts that foster respectful and rigorous academic work; skills that cut across teaching areas; and implementation of best practices in a particular domain.

How do Educators Comply with Act 48?

All Pennsylvania educators holding PA public certification must complete ongoing professional development every five years to comply with Act 48 requirements and to keep their certification active. Educators may choose one of the following ways to meet Act 48 requirements:

  1. Complete six (6) credits of collegiate studies. Each semester college credit hour is equivalent to 30 hours of professional development education.
  2. Participate in 180 hours of continuing professional education through Act 48-approved non-credit workshops, courses, conferences and other educational activities.
  3. Combine college credits and professional development education (Act 48-approved non-credit workshops, courses, conferences and other educational activities) equivalent to 180 hours.

For additional information, please see the Pennsylvania Department of Education website.

Credit-Bearing Courses

Participants who complete credit courses at Temple University for which they want to receive Act 48 credits must complete the form available through the Registrar’s Office at Temple University. For further information on Act 48 for credit courses, contact the Registrar's Office at 215.204.1131 or by email at

Non-Credit Courses, Workshops, and Conferences

Temple University currently offers a wide variety of Act 48 programs for educators at flexible times and in various formats. For more information about what’s available, contact 215.204.4866 or by email You can also explore what’s available on a non-credit basis for Act 48 credits throughout the University using the listings below.


Contact Information

Email Address:
Telephone Number: (215) 204-4866
Program Office Address: Carnell Hall, 8th Floor
1805 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122



EDU0003 - Teaching U.S. History Using Primary Sources
HBGIASH0007 - Adults as Allies
MUSPREP0002 - SUMMER: Wind Conducting and Teaching Workshop
MUSPREP0003 - SUMMER: Dorothy Taubman Seminar
MUSPREP0004 - SUMMER: Temple Sings
MUSPREP0009 - ADULTS: Singing for Busy Adults
MUSPREP0013 - SUZUKI: Every Child Can!
MUSPREP0030 - ENSEMBLE: Night Owls Community Band
MUSPREP0041 - SUMMER: Gordon Institute for Music Learning
ONCE0037 - Adobe Illustrator CC: Level I
ONCE0038 - Adobe InDesign CC: Level I
ONCE0039 - Adobe InDesign CC: Level II
ONCE0043 - Adobe Photoshop CC: LEVEL I (daytime)
ONCE0049 - Build Your Web Site: Putting It All Together
ONCE0055 - Conversational Chinese: Part I
ONCE0105 - Fundamentals Of Editing
ONCE0116 - Google Analytics
ONCE0136 - Intermediate Spanish
ONCE0147 - Introduction To Italian: Part I
ONCE0148 - Introduction To Italian: Part II
ONCE0152 - Introduction To Spanish
ONCE0178 - Managing The Tough Spots
ONCE0179 - Master Editing Workshop
ONCE0206 - Project Management Basics I
ONCE0207 - Project Management Basics II
ONCE0209 - Project Management: Leading The Team
ONCE0210 - Proofread Like A Pro
ONCE0214 - QuickBooks
ONCE0227 - Search Engine Optimization
ONCE0228 - Self Defense For Women
ONCE0240 - Speaking with Confidence
ONCE0270 - Time Management When Your Hands Are Full
ONCE0280 - What's Your Point?: Effective Interpersonal Communication
ONCE0288 - Wordpress For Beginners
ONCE0293 - Writing Short Stories
ONCE0295 - Yoga...A Body, Mind And Spirit Workout
ONCE0297 - The Results-Oriented Leader
ONCE0304 - Arabic Language For Beginners
ONCE0556 - Social Media and Online Tools for K12 Teachers (Online)
TYLER0010 - Digital Design & Fabrication Weekends
TYLER0014 - Ceramics: Form and Function
TYLER0017 - Drawing Fundamentals
TYLER0019 - Jewelry & Casting
TYLER0022 - Printmaking: Layer it On!
TYLER0023 - Street Photography
TYLER0025 - Fundamentals of Glass Blowing
TYLER0031 - Exploring the Animal as Subject
TYLER0032 - Adult Fundamentals of Drawing
TYLER0033 - Painting from the Masters
TYLER0034 - Dive into Watercolor
TYLER0035 - Experimental Drawing
TYLER0036 - Galleries & Studios
TYLER0037 - Digital Imaging for Adults & Educators
TYLER0038 - Digital Design & Fabrication Summer Intensive
TYLER0039 - Conquering Complements/Luscious Layers: Textile Surface Design
TYLER0040 - Reimagining Clay: Alternative Approaches to Ceramics
TYLER0041 - Painting from the Masters Summer Intensive
TYLER0042 - Fiber Art: Dye, Weave, Sew!
TYLER0043 - Reimagining Clay: Alternative Approaches to Ceramics Weekends
TYLER0044 - Mixed Media and The Figure
TYLER0045 - Dyeing to Learn

Other Offerings

No Associated Additional Offerings