HRLD0001 - Was It Something I Said?
HRLD0002 - Stepping Up to Supervision
HRLD0009 - Brief Motivational Interviewing
HRLD0010 - Butting Heads: Dealing With Conflict and Anger
HRLD0011 - Coaching: The Art of Developing People (For Supervisory Development Program Graduates only)
HRLD0014 - Dealing with Difficult People
HRLD0015 - Customer Service the TU Way!
HRLD0018 - Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Overview for Supervisors and Timekeepers
HRLD0019 - For Your Benefit: Taking Advantage of Tuition Remission
HRLD0020 - Organizing with Style
HRLD0021 - Planning for Retirement - Your Social Security and Health Benefits
HRLD0024 - Speak Up: Taking An Active Role in Your Own PDP
HRLD0025 - Worker`s Compensation & The Supervisor
HRLD0028 - Workplace Professionalism: Skills for Promoting Success
HRLD0029 - To Sell is Human
HRLD0030 - Thinking on Your Feet: Translating Improv Skills to the Workplace
HRLD0031 - Time Management: Getting The Most From Your Day
HRLD0047 - From Distress To De-Stress
HRLD0063 - Meetings CAN be Productive and Fun: Meeting Design and Facilitation 101
HRLD0070 - Preparing Your Savings for Retirement: Fidelity Investments
HRLD0071 - Presentations with Pizzazz (Updated)
HRLD0075 - Retirement Income Options:TIAA
HRLD0087 - Creative Problem Solving Techniques
HRLD0090 - Training ReBoot Camp
HRLD0097 - Supervisory Development Program
HRLD0098 - Administrative Professionals' Day Program
HRLD0100 - PNC Workshops: Your Own Home
HRLD0101 - Background Check Info Sessions
HRLD0102 - PNC Workshops: To Your Credit
HRLD0355 - Kicking the Habit
HRLD0356 - Now What? Conquering the Transition After Change
HRLD0357 - Advisor Development Program (ADP) Module 1
HRLD0358 - Up Is Not The Only Way: Re-Thinking Career Mobility
HRLD0359 - Vulnerability at Work: Transforming Office Culture through Authentic Leadership
HRLD0360 - Advisor Development Program (ADP) Module 2
HRLD0361 - PNC Workshops: Mortgages
HRLD0362 - Got 15 Minutes?: Successful Communication with International Students
HRLD0363 - Introduction to Negotiation
HRLD0364 - Got 15 Minutes?: Responding to Culturally Insensitive Comments
HRLD0365 - PNC Workshops: Budgeting
HRLD0366 - Advisor Development Program (Module 3): Build an "Advising Roladex"
HRLD0368 - Investigate Now to be Ready For (or Maybe Avoid) Arbitration Later
IDEAL0001 - Safe Zone 1
IDEAL0002 - Safe Zone 2
Client/Customer Service Orientation
Continuous Improvement
Creativity and Innovation
Developing Others/Supervision
Interpersonal Skills
Problem Solving/Decision Making
Resilience and Adaptability
Resource and Project Management
Respect and Valuing Diversity
Teamwork and Collaboration